Quick Thoughts on Training for a Sprint Triathlon

Depending on your ability and experience, your training regimen and schedule will vary.  However, you should understand the basics of a good sprint triathlon-training program to ensure your time is spent well.  If you take the time to focus on a training program that adequately covers each segment of the race, you will be able to rest assured on race day that you did all you could to prepare for the competition.

How often should you train?

The question of how often should you train for your sprint triathlon is one that comes up quite frequently.  You do not want to over train or under train for the competition.  On average, it is a good idea to begin training at least 8 weeks before the race.  You will be combining swimming, biking, and running workouts, so make sure you plan your schedule accordingly.  It is often a good rule of thumb to spend at least 2 days per week on a specific element of the race.  For example, spend 2 days biking, 2 days running, and 2 days swimming over the course of the week.  You can alternate your exercises to provide variability to your regimen.

Should you engage in strength training or just prepare for each part of the race?

When you consider that this race is about short bursts of speed, strength can be an important factor in your success.  It is also important to build up muscle endurance in any sport or physical competition to make sure you are at the top of your game.   Try focusing on total body exercises and core strength training to ensure you maintain a solid posture throughout the entire race.  Make sure you schedule time in your training program to devote towards abdominal exercises, squats and lunges, and finally spend some time on your upper body with pull-ups and push-ups.  Strength training will help your body maintain a strong posture, which will help in each of the elements of the race.

What about transitions?

Transitions are simply the times between each part of the competition.  However, they are an important part of the race because the time you spend between each of the sports can cost you.  Make sure you practice transitioning from the swim to the bike to the run.  Time yourself during each of the transitions, and look for tips online for ways you can save time within these transitional stages.  Remember to incorporate transitional training in your schedule to ensure success!

Finally, remember to work on your running, biking, and swimming mechanics to make sure you are at your best.  You can ask a friend to monitor or film your exercises to make sure you are using proper techniques for each of the sports.  Proper mechanics can go a long way!  We hope this information has been helpful and informative.   Most important, it is NOT too late to register to volunteer or participate as an athlete! Just go to www.trycharleston.org.


About trycharleston

A Triathlon that promotes health, volunteerism, tourism and charity in Charleston, S.C.
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One Response to Quick Thoughts on Training for a Sprint Triathlon

  1. Rhona says:

    Lots of good tips, I hope this inspires people to sign up for the trycharleston race!

    You mention looking online for transition tips, so thought readers might like this page on our website on transitions – it includes lots of tips as well as videos: http://www.intelligent-triathlon-training.com/triathlon-transition.html

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