Quick Tips for Transitions

Have you made time in your training schedule to plan and prepare for transitions?  If you are in the middle of training, or even just starting out, make sure you develop a plan of action to train for the transitions that occur within the triathlon race.  This is an important part of the race, and if you train well, it can truly make a difference in how you perform on race day!  Here are some tips to help you out:

First, you need to realize that the time you take during your transitions can truly make or break your ability to finish at a time you are aiming for.  You can basically lose valuable time during these transitional stages if you don’t move quickly.  Here are some tips to help you accomplish the transition phase a little faster:

Build in time to your training schedule to practice transitions

When it comes to training for your triathlon, remember that you build a regimen or schedule.  You should incorporate transitions into your training regiment to make sure you are optimal at all faces of the race.  If you forget to train or practice transitions, you will likely not perform as well on race day due to heightened levels of excitement or nervousness.  By practicing, it won’t be a new experience on race day, and you will have a system to move through.

Develop your own system for transitions and test them

After you have decided to train for your transitions, and built them into your schedule, you should block a way some time to develop your own “transitional method.”  You can try different techniques of transitioning and time yourself so you know what works best for you, and then you can go by it on race day.

Consider others when you setup for transitions

When you setup your transition space, make sure you create enough space for you to work efficiently and organize in a way that it will be unlikely others will interfere with your space

Also, remember to focus on the little details.

The little details in your race will give you both confidence and an edge.  In this case, the details you should focus on are your gear and how it can help you save time on race day.  Make sure you do your due diligence in regards to the gear you purchase and remember to see how it will affect your transitions.  This means looking into things like shoelaces to see how you can save time.  Find what works best for you in terms of comfort, performance, and time.


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