Race Details & How to Prepare for Race Week!

As you approach race day, you should remember to prepare properly the week before and the day before to ensure you at optimal condition.  Here are some event details and preparation tips, as you get closer to race day:

Event Details

  • Time: 7:30 AM
  • Date: Saturday, Aprill 21, 2012
  • Place: KOA Campground – Mt. Pleasant, SC
  • Sprint Tri Distance: 500 meter Swim,20 km Bike,5 km Run 

How To Prepare the Week Before 


The week before your big race, you will want to reduce the amount of training time and intensity to preserve your stamina for race day.  Don’t focus on long, drawn out training sessions, and make sure you take a rest day 2 days before, and the day before do something to get your heart race up and keep your legs loose.


Make sure you focus on getting enough quality sleep over the course of the week.  You may struggle the night before, so get enough rest throughout the week leading up to race day so you are ready!


Don’t skip meals and make sure you take in quality carbs and enough water.  You should be well hydrated throughout the week, and eat well so that your training goes well and as planned during the week before.

Finally, do something to get you calm and motivated.   Make sure you do something that boosts your confidence and gets you excited about race day!

Race Day & the Day Before

On race day, make sure to get there early and get organized.  This will help bring you peace and confidence for the race itself.  Make sure you stay warm and loose in  the short time ahead of the race

On the day before and leading up to the start of the race, make sure you take in enough complex carbohydrates and water to get you through the race.  The day before you should have everything organized and packed, ready to go, so race day is a breeze when it comes to setup.   Finally, get excited and enjoy yourself!



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A Triathlon that promotes health, volunteerism, tourism and charity in Charleston, S.C.
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